10 Best Ways to Keep Your Car from Getting Stolen

10 Best Ways to Keep Your Car from Getting Stolen

Keeping Your Car Safe

Burglars are constantly looking for quick and easy ways to break into a vehicle. It’s important to think ahead in order to prevent any crime from being committed by an anxious thief. Here is a top ten list of tips on how you can keep your car from getting stolen.

  1. Lock Your Doors – This sounds quite simple and obvious but many people forget to double check their car doors to see if they are properly locked. Check the locks before exiting your vehicle.
  2. Park in Safe Places – Shady neighborhoods are a haven for criminals. They usually work in pairs or in teams and always remain on the lookout for an easy target to steal. Keep your vehicle parked in a safe part of town to avoid any potential theft.
  3. Don’t Leave Expensive Items Visible – Items such as jewelry, electronics and cash, should be safely locked up in the glove compartment if you are away from your vehicle. Don’t let burglars get a wandering eye!
  4. Alarm System Activated – It’s not only important to have a fully functional alarm system, it’s even more crucial to activate it! Make sure the alarm is working properly.
  5. Take Good Care of Your Car – Take care of any necessary repairs, such as a broken window or damaged door lock. Burglars can easily pick through a broken lock and simply lift the button to unlock the door from the inside through a broken window.
  6. Park Inside a Garage – You should keep your vehicle safely parked inside a garage when you’re at home. You might have to pay additional fees to rent a spot if you live in a building but it is well worth the investment.
  7. The Club – Nothing spells old school safety more than The Club! This beautiful gadget fits perfectly around the steering wheel. Burglars won’t bother wasting valuable time removing it.
  8. Extreme Measures – Taking your steering wheel with you might be a feasible option if you drive a high-end luxury model vehicle.
  9. Automatic Beats Stick Shift – Burglars are more prone to go after vehicles that operate by stick shifts, since the process is much easier to manipulate. Manual vehicles turn off after a few feet, making it virtually impossible to drive off into the sunset.
  10. Hidden Challenges – A kill switch can remain invisible to the naked eye but it is an added option just in case. Speak to your local mechanic about installation and prices.

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