Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Emergency Towing Oakland has a reputation for providing high quality and reliable towing services and roadside assistance. Just read some of our client testimonials!

Brent Jones, of the San Francisco  49ers:

“Thank you Emergency Towing for a wonderful service”

Tom Silverman 3/12/2010: It is so frustrating to be driving down the highway and then, bam! You run over something on the road and your front tire starts going flat. Although I know a bit about changing a tire, I recently got injured in a baseball game and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fix the flat tire. Emergency Towing Oakland came by in 15 minutes and finished the job in the same amount of time! I was really impressed and thankful to have such a good team help me out. Thanks!

Nithin Manglani 9/2/2009: I left the lights on in my car overnight, so when I went to turn on the car in the morning, the car wouldn’t start. It was 5:30 am and not a single person on the road by my house. The operator from Emergency Towing Oakland was extremely nice, friendly, and helpful. I was only 20 minutes late to the office … not bad!

Vicki Collins 8/1/2009: Thank you, Emergency Towing Oakland! You saved me so much time and stress by preparing so well for my auto tow. I loved how you knew exactly the best route to my mechanic shop, saving me time and money!

Tammy Hong 4/18/2009: When my keys got stuck in the ignition, I thought for sure I had to call a locksmith and wait. Then, I saw your truck parked on the side of the street and you said you could actually help me out – and you did! I got so lucky! Thank you for getting the car key out!

Steven Thomas 2/11/2009: Who runs out of gas? I never thought that would be me, but as my car slowly petered out, I thought I was screwed. Thank you for not only refueling me, but being considerate about my time and wallet! You didn’t fill me up entirely because you knew it would be less expensive for me to go to a gas station later on. Thank you!

Be prepared and save our phone number, (510) 534-5190! Auto emergencies happen to everyone. Make sure you get the reliability and service you deserve.