8 Things You Should Know About Electric Cars

8 Things You Should Know About Electric Cars

There’s a lot of buzz about electric vehicles right now, but just how much do you really know about them? We all know that they are becoming increasingly common as manufacturers race to develop them while the price of petroleum continues to rise. But, if you’re in the market for a new car, and you’ve been considering an electric vehicle, you may not have come across many electric cars and may have a few questions about life as an electric car owner. So we’ve summarized a short guide containing the most common questions most people have about electric cars.

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1.    Costs
Electric cars are expensive to buy.  They are still a new technology and are currently produced in small numbers.  The other factor to their expensive purchase price is that they run on lithium batteries. The good news is that despite the high purchase price, you will be saving money on the cost of running the car.

2.    Charging
Electric cars can be charged at any time during the day or the night, although it is best to charge them at night when electricity is usually cheaper because the demand is lower. Charging time depends on the size of the car and the battery, and the technology, it usually take between six and ten hours, so maybe nighttime is the best time to charge while you sleep.

3.    Safety
There have been concerns that electric cars are not safe but both the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were awarded five stars and high safety ratings after undergoing extensive crash testing. There is a very small chance of the battery catching on fire but it’s about the same as driving around with flammable liquid in your car.

4.    Driving Experience
Electric cars are very quiet and smooth to drive, and they deliver power as soon as you step on the pedal.

5.    Home Charging Points
Many electric car owners charge their vehicles from domestic sockets it is slow and can be dangerous. If you are considering doing this, you should first have your domestic electricity circuits and wiring checked thoroughly by a qualified electrician.

6.     The Environment
Electric cars emit 30% less carbon dioxide than gas powered cars, that is certainly environmentally friendly.

7.    Distance
Most battery electric vehicles can drive 60 to 120 miles before they need to be charged, which is a good distance for day-to-day driving.

8.    Charging Stations
There are over 20,000 charging stations in the US and this number is growing steadily.  You can find information about the location and status of these station on Plugshare.