Flatbed Towing Vs. Dolly Towing Solutions

There is a great debate amongst towing services: which is better, the dolly or the flatbed? As professional towing experts, Towing Oakland is dedicated to providing the very best to each and every one of our customers. Because of our dedication to you, we’ve taken the time to break down the benefits and disadvantages of dolly and flatbed towing solutions.


Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is a fairly simple process, usually utilized when a vehicle cannot drive on all four wheels. The dolly is a contraption placed between the two front or back wheels. Utilizing hydraulics, it will lift the vehicle off the ground at an angle so the truck can pull the car behind it.


  • Cost- The biggest benefits to using a dolly truck come from the affordability of such a lightweight rig. This is one of the reasons dolly trucks remain popular, even contending with flatbed trucks.
  • Agility- A dolly vehicle can maneuver into place beside a vehicle and can often be on the way again, car in tow, within minutes.


  • Lightweight- A dolly truck is only made to tow lightweight loads. Most economy vehicles are fine on a dolly truck, but try out a large SUV or truck and you’re less likely to feel that your vehicle is completely secured.
  • Wear and tear to vehicle: A dolly truck requires the vehicle to remain on two of its wheels. If you’re towing the vehicle a long distance, not only will the vehicle gain wear and tear, but other mishaps can easily come while it’s traveling in an “unnatural” way.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is heralded as the best possible way to tow a vehicle. A long steel flatbed truck that rises and lowers allow for a vehicle to be hoisted up and ride with all 4 wheels off the ground at a natural angle.


  • Security- A vehicle securely flattened to the flatbed towing truck is not going anywhere, nor is it getting any extra wear and tear as it travels to its destination.
  • Versatility- a good flatbed truck can actually carry any automobile. This means that weights and sizes do not need to be a worry when you call for help.
  • Speed- If the technician is well trained, he should be able to load up a car onto the flatbed truck just as quickly as a dolly rig.


  • Cost- Perhaps the biggest con having to do with flatbed towing is the cost of operating a big rig. But here at Towing Oakland, we do our very best to keep all of our services as affordable as possible.

Whether you need flatbed towing or dolly towing, Emergency Towing Oakland is guaranteed to have the expertise and equipment you need. Whatever you need, whenever you need, and wherever you need us, Emergency Towing Oakland is here to bring you the best assistance around.