What is Private Property Towing?

What is Private Property Towing?

Private property towing is when an illegally parked vehicle is towed off of private property. This is, of course, the most infamous kind of vehicular towing that many people detest, but it has long been enforced because of necessity. When a vehicle is parked in a private parking lot or in a fire lane where the curb is marked red, that vehicle is considered illegally parked and is subject to towing. The good news for vehicle owners is that private property towing must be conducted by a professional towing company that is licensed and certified through a state directed program. If you are looking for a private property towing company, it is important to do your research; make sure you hire a company who is properly qualified to do your private property towing.

Most Common Reasons for Private Property Towing

If you’re looking to avoid private property towing, then these are some of the things you’ll want to keep your eyes open for:

  • Parking Violations: It is important to follow the laws of the land when you’re parking your vehicle. Every state has certain laws about double parking, parking on sidewalks, or parking in handicap parking spots without the proper registration and placards. If you’re smart, you’ll learn the parking laws where you live and you’ll stick to them. It’s also wise to pay parking tickets quickly since unpaid parking tickets can lead to towing.
  • Read Signs: If a parking lot is private or a stretch of the road is illegal to park along, it will be properly marked. This includes signs that will explicitly inform you that your parked car will be towed and at your expense. Chances are many will also include parking citations that will be issued if you park illegally. Common sense would suggest you pay attention to these signs and obey them.
  • Safety: In some cases, private property towing is a matter of safety for the owner. If you are parked in a private parking lot but your vehicle has been damaged and is not capable of driving away on its own power, you will want to call for a professional who is licensed to operate on private property.

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