Should I Repair My Vehicle or Trade It In?

Should I Repair My Vehicle or Trade It In?

How do you know when it’s time to repair or have your beloved vehicle replaced? Depending on the damages, you could spent a fortune having your vehicle repaired. Sometimes it pays to have your vehicle replaced, and use the extra cash to buy a new one. Your car adds a ton of wear and tear with each passing mile you tack on. The value of your car also decreases when the amount of miles exceeds a certain limit. Mileage is one of the biggest concerns and most frequently asked questions of any car buyer. It’s important to know how many miles the previous owner put on the vehicle to determine the future costs for repairs. Older model vehicles can be restored, but the cost can be very expensive. Make sure you spend some considerable time evaluating the upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle before trading it in. If you really love your car, you might want to reconsider trading it in. If you should decide to have your car replaced, here are a few factors to take into consideration:

  • Perform an Evaluation – The best way to determine your concerns is to have a mechanic check it out and inspect the vehicle. They will give you their honest feedback on whether you should trade it in or simply have the damages repaired.
  • Calculating Future Maintenances – Another key factor in determining whether to have your car replaced is to calculate any future maintenance expenses. Bring your car to your local mechanic, and let them assess the future maintenance costs.
  • The Value of Your Vehicle – Car dealers will pay you a lot more for your car if it’s worth more to them. You can compare the value of your vehicle with several dealerships. There are plenty of auto trade dealers scattered throughout the internet as well. Make sure they use the Kelly Blue Book to give you a fair price.
  • Price of Your Next Vehicle – How much are you prepared to pay for the next vehicle? Will you pay for it in cash or via trade? These are just a few variables to consider before trading your vehicle in.

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