Funny Towing Stories

Funny Towing Stories

No one likes being stuck on some remote highway in the middle of the night, but sometimes, we can only help but laugh at a bad situation. These stories should help make you feel a bit better, the next time you get stuck on the road. How crazy would it be to see a tow truck attempting to connect the hooks into a car, and ripping the bumper clean off or a hearse being towed away, during a funeral!

This story comes from a poor soul, who had to be at a certain place, at a certain time.

“My car was towed twice last year. The first time was my fault because I was unaware that the street I lived on was a snow route. One side of the road had signs posted but the side I parked on didn’t say anything so I thought I was okay. The second time, the city illegally towed over 200 cars. They claimed that they put signs up saying “temporary no parking” but they did not. I had to waste my day at the tow lot but I had my money refunded. Oh yeah, I missed a job interview because when I went to leave, my car was gone!”  Talk about bad timing!

This next story will make you hungry and angry at the same time!

“A very long time ago, I had to pick up a colleague at a restaurant and there was no parking. I parked in an adjacent Jack in the Box for about 10 minutes to go in and look for him. There were no signs posted that non-customers would be towed away. However, when we both got back, someone had already towed the car and I had to take a cab and pay $170 to get it out of hock. Needless to say, I do not eat at any Jack in the Box!”

So, next time you get stuck on the road, just think about how aggravating it would be not to be able to eat that Jack in the Box burger or make that important job interview, because your car is slowly being towed away. Luckily, we live in the age of technology, and you can at least keep yourself entertained with your smartphone, while help arrives. We work with an expert towing crew that knows exactly how to help you out, in any situation. We operate within the Oakland area, and are always on call 24/7