Pros and Cons Associated with Self-Driving Cars

Pros and Cons Associated with Self-Driving Cars


Are you always curious to find out what’s new in the automotive sector? Well, cutting-edge technology and innovations are surely witnessed day-in-day-out. Think about the kick-start of green technology to introduction of quick forward emergency braking, finest in class innovations are at the heart of this sector. However, the buzz lately drawing in attention of every enthusiast in the circle are autonomous self-driving cars. Driverless cars – it can rightly be described as a pinnacle of advanced automotive technology.

Safety has forever been topping the charts of priorities. Grisly accidents and fatalities has been plaguing countries for long now. To cut down the alarming counts of devastating accidents, much thought has been invested in incorporating technology to amp up safety features in cars. Launch of self-driving vehicles is bound to be a blow to carefree drivers. Crafted with multitude of sensors, your car will turn to a fancy automobile. Human assistance can be kissed goodbye post the launch of driverless cars. Wondering why? Well, kudos to the incorporation of advanced sensors, showcasing tremendous ability to get a hang of the environment surrounding your vehicle and trucking on with flawless navigation through all streets.

In a nutshell, it is safe to conclude that bringing driverless vehicles on boards will help slacken the counts of catastrophic accidents caused to human err. Here’s spilling beans on a couple of massive advantages you will be rewarded with if self-driving cars are launched soon.

  1. Bid farewell to distraction – There’s no doubt that distraction paves way for road accidents, taking ugly toll on physical health and life in worst cases. Having a driverless car handy will help you indulge in other activities without worrying about driving irresponsibly. Are you mostly on your heels, jolting off to meetings and always trying to sqeeze in some time for final preps? Well, this car could exactly reward you with your needs. Play on the tracks you love, communicate or wrap up preparations for your meeting, you will reach your destination on time without encountering any horrible glitch.
  2. A boon for disabled individuals – People targeted with physical disability stays clear from driving for obvious reasons. Depending on public transportation at times could be back-breaking too. Having self-driving vehicles will reward such non-able-bodied individuals with a freedom of mobility.
  3. Algorithms used in machines and computers are far more complex than you imagine. From calculating distance from other cars and other relevant data to knowing when to put a screeching halt, a machine knows it all.
  4. Trial runs are on a roll. Ofcourse, there’s not a clear picture stating how well can such cars cut-down danger, it surely stands out with better numbers in comparison to manually driven cars.
  5. Encourage added value to time. Now get going with multiple activities without being concerned about road safety.
  6. There will be a drastic cut-down in government expenses too. Little did you know that government shells out billions of dollars every-day for accident recovery.
  7. Traffic and congestion will be on a low too. Wondering how? Well, self-driven cars when operational in large numbers will be a part of something known as platooning. This is highly effective in bettering up traffic condition.
  8. Easier to ensure control on speed limits.
  9. Horrifying cases of drinking and driving can be kissed goodbye.
  10. Why scratch your heads trying to figure out space to park your vehicle? Let the technologically advanced self-driven cars drop you off and park elsewhere.
  11. Towing cars in situations of a breakdown is a no piece pie. Automated automobiles do not require anyone behind the steering wheels.

As they say, there’s always a flipside to a coin, here’s a couple of cons associated with these driverless vehicles.

  1. Getting schooled about the nitty-gritties is pivotal on the driver’s part. Knowing how to start the vehicle and set navigational routes isn’t enough. Learning every tiny detail on operations is crucial.
  2. Expenses in bringing this incredible new technology on boards is hefty. Per stats, cost of engineering, software, power and sensor adds to $100,000 already.
  3. Technology is luring for a fact but it also invites interest of hackers. In such a scenario, safety and security in self-driving cars can easily be compromised.
  4. Although sensors are reckoned as the best thing in the new innovation, terrible weather conditions can take a toll and impair technology for a bit.
  5. Gasoline industries will have to bear a big loss. Going by the fashion, self-driving cars are prone to be improved running on electric power.
  6. Skilled drivers will run out of jobs. Ever thought of large scale implications? Well, in events of technological glitch when manual driving stands out as a need of the hour, everyone will have rusted practice in driving.