A Day in the Life of a Tow Truck Driver

A Day in the Life of a Tow Truck Driver

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m a tow truck driver. Doesn’t sound too thrilling, now does it?

What you have to know about me and about the rest of my friends, but keep to yourselves thereafter, is that we’re tow truck drivers by day and quite the heroes by night (and actually by day, also).

Every day, when I get up in the morning I put on my work cloths and I hit the streets looking to do some good and to help some fellow drivers in distress.

As soon as there’s a call coming in, it’s like we can actually travel with the speed of light, as we get there within minutes, well I guess we’re talking about slow light, and since we have super hearing (or at least a really well equipped and constantly staffed control center) there isn’t a call we miss. Ever.

It doesn’t matter if the villain of the day is a flat tire – we’ll change it, if it’s a car lockout situation – we’ll get you into your car once again, securely seated in the driver’s seat, once again in control, if it’s a battery failure – we’ll get your battery’s juices flowing (or we’ll simply replace the battery with a new one), if it’s car keys trouble – we’ll get you new and better car keys that will get you back on the horse in no time, if it’s hunger that suddenly struck you – we’ll even bring along with us a plate of nachos and a dip of your choosing (not really, chances are we’ll choose the dip ourselves and you’ll just have to do with it).

As you can see, the day of a tow truck driver is quite a busy one (expect from our 9-11 coffee break), filled with challenges (vehicles reluctant to cooperate), overflown with damsels in distress (or agitated older guys, it doesn’t really matter), but all in all, quite rewarding as we get to spread some good and help fellow men and women to better deal with their day.

That’s a usual day for our skilled technicians who brave the streets day in day out. Emergency Towing Oakland’s devoted tow truck drivers and technicians, to this day, haven’t met their match. They probably never will.